Kitchener Market offers pick up service
​for those not ready to shop in person

Kitchener Market Manager Cameron Dale

by Helen Hall
Kitchener Citizen
February 18, 2021

​Shopping at a farmer’s market is about more than just picking up the freshest food. It’s about meeting the growers, running into friends doing their weekly shopping, as well as the sights and sounds of a live market.

​While the Kitchener Market is still open to shoppers because it provides an essential service during the COVID-19 pandemic, some people don’t feel comfortable going to the market, but they miss the food.

​​The market has seen a significant reduction in the number of people attending on Saturdays since the pandemic began last March.

​​ “The Kitchener Market has a 150 year old story,” said Kitchener Market Manager Cameron Dale.

​​“This is one of the more interesting and challenging chapters,” he said.

​​So the Kitchener Market has found a way to solve this problem with a new online ordering and pick-up system that started on February 1. Shoppers can access over 500 products from the market, including meats, cheeses and vegetables, order them online and then pick them up at the market between 9am and 2pm.

​​If they don’t wish to come to the market themselves, they can have a friend or family member, who has a copy of their emailed proof of purchase, pick up their order.

​​Dale said at the beginning of February they had 15 vendors participating in the online market, and are expecting more will join. Customers can visit the Kitchener Market Online Store during the regular ordering window, Saturdays from 5pm through to Thursdays at noon. It can be found at

​​Shoppers can browse the products by category or vendor to place one combined order to be picked up at the Market the following Saturday at the upper market hall off King Street.

​​All vendor payments are electronic via credit or debit, PayPal, or e-transfer. In the case of e-transfers, all transfers must be completed before pick-up. Once payment is completed, the customer will receive an emailed proof of purchase.

​​Dale said this is a convenient way to continue to shop at the market if they are concerned about doing so in person.

​​Dale said another important aspect of their online shopping and pick up service, is that it is a way that the Kitchener Market can support local businesses, many of which would not have the resources to set up a system like this on their own.

​​“The most important thing is the online market helps support local businesses, and helps to keep residents happy and healthy,” he said.

​​Dale said if the demand for online ordering decreases after the pandemic ends, then the online ordering service will stop, but if people like it, then it could continue.

​​Ward 10 Councillor Sarah Marsh agrees.

​​“More and more people are getting used to shopping online during the pandemic,” she said. “With the Kitchener Market service, you can browse the products and it is easier to menu plan.”

​​“I can see the possibility of keeping it going if it is a service people use. KW has a history of re-inventing ourselves when we need to,” she said.
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